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Customers that are on one of our cPanel servers can access their email configuration by using any web browser.

Simply goto: http://www.<yourdomain>.com:2095

In the popup window enter your email address as your username, then your password.
(Please contact Pinion Media support services if need them sent to you.)

The next page that comes up is a menu that lets you choose from many email control applications. The first row of icons will launch a web application of your choice that allow you to access your email much like Gmail or Yahoo mail. I personally prefer SquareCube or NeoMail, but they all perform about the same tasks.

The second row of icons launch additional email applications to : Change Password; Change Forwarding Options; Setup Auto Responders; Instruct in Configuring a Mail Client; Setup a BoxTrapper; Generate a report on Email Delivery Route; and Setup Email Spam Filtering.

The focus of this article will be on setting up auto reply responder, or sometimes called a vacation notice.

Click on the “Auto Responder” icon (or text) to launch the application. A list of current auto responders is listed (if there are any), and a button to “Add Auto Responder” near the top. Click on the “Add Auto Responder” button to create a new auto reply, or edit to change an existing auto reply.

In the Add Auto Responder page there is a form containing fields required to create an active auto reply.
First Choose a Character Set [ UTF-8 ]
Next set the interval. [ 12 ] – This is the number of hours that will pass before another auto reply is set to a same email author.
Finally fill in the balance of the fields with appropriate information to display as the reply (from, subject, and body).
Click the “Create/Modify” button to save the auto reply.

As always please contact Pinion Media if you have any questions with these instructions or need additional technical support.