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Considering or caught in the middle of converting from Droid to iPhone?

Four years working with Android has made us an expert on Droid apps, features, functions and work-arounds. So, with the release of iOS6, we were hopeful that some of the Apple iOS features would be enhanced to make a more competitive user experience with Droid.
– Unfortunately iOS6 is finally here, but has failed to impress our User Experience expectations at many levels.

Here are some of the missing features that we felt Apple should have integrated to iOS6:

Keyboard punctuation:
The standard keyboard on iOS does not allow quick access to punctuation (available at the first level). To simply add a period, for instance, you have to go to the keyboard second layer. This is very cumbersome.

Keyboard Letter Case:
While we’re on the keyboard, the Droid shows you the “case” that you are on within the keyboard so you can quickly tell what you are about to type (upper or lower case).

Dial number/alpha search:
On the Droid, if you want to find someone in your address book, simply start typing the alpha equivalent of either first, last or company name, and a list of matching contacts come up. This will be one of the most

Cross-Application Contacts Functions:
On the Droid, you can quickly transfer from one application to another and pass a contact function.
For example, if you are texting and decide to call the person instead, all you have to do is tap and hold on the text message and a list of options that you can do with that text appears. Within this list, “Call Contact” is available to jump to the phone and make the call.


Aside from the iOS6 shortcomings, these are features that have never graced the OS previously. So, most iPhone users would never know the difference. But, when we receive a much anticipated iOS from Apple, there are some advancements that we expect to have integrated.

Maybe if Apple would spend less time chasing patent suits and focus more on enriching it’s own User Experience features for iOS6 we would have something to really cheer about.